Neoprene Quick Release Collar

  • Base Price: 20
The Neoprene Side Release Collar features an all metal buckle and slide on a smooth neoprene strap with a metal D-ring and rivets. The strap is only available in black, but can be accented with colorful hardware. To complete the design you select a personal combination of colors from our available offerings. A bell is included in your choice of size and color. This design is a 1” wide, slide adjustable collar with a side release buckle that allows you to quickly put on and remove the collar with ease. Our neoprene is elastic, yet durable. While we don't recommend giving this collar a hard tug it does make a unique and striking showpiece. *Neoprene is a hypoallergenic, synthetic rubber. This material does not cause an allergic reaction associated with a latex allergy. When selecting a size choose the range that allows for at least a couple inches of adjustment on both sides of your actual neck measurement. If you are not sure if you have chosen the best size include your actual measurement, in inches, in the "Neck Measurement (optional)" box and we will make sure the collar fits correctly. Click the "Order Form" button below to begin designing your collar.

Base Price: 20Total: 20