Wide Leather Collar - Basic Leather

  • Base Price: 60
Our 1.5-inch wide collar design in leather. The Wide Basic Leather Collar offers a choice of a single leather color and features a double row of rivets. In addition, you can accent this design further with your choice of hardware, rivet, and thread colors. Neck Measurement selection: We construct our center bar/roller buckle collars with 5 buckle slot grommets spaced in one inch increments. Adjustment will fit two inches smaller and two inches larger than your selected neck measurement. This optimizes your selected measurement to the center point. For exapmple: If you select a 16" neck measurement the collar will fit 14" - 18" in one inch increments >>> 14" - 15" - 16" - 17" - 18" If you would like your actual measurement placed at a different point other than the center select accordingly.
Base Price: 60Total: 60